James Tootell

Investment Director, Eos Venture Partners

James Tootell

11:20 - 11:55

April 18th - 10am CyberSmart Live!

Panel Discussion - Time to Fight Back: The Changing Face of Cyber Insurance

Historically, insurers have a reputation for making industries safer. However, the current ‘insure-then-protect’ model is fundamentally flawed, leading to higher policy costs and less coverage, with many smaller businesses being priced out. Through a panel discussion with industry leaders, we’ll discuss the future of cyber insurance and what needs to happen for the industry to thrive and protect businesses.
  • Understand some of the shortcomings that have historically plagued the cyber insurance industry.
  • Gain insight into the dynamics, both positive and negative, that will shape the cyber insurance industry.
  • Discover the reasons in favour of making cybersecurity a condition to gaining insurance.
  • Learn about the importance of standardising the minimum cybersecurity requirements and how we - the industry and government - can facilitate that.
  • Determine how we can better assess organisational cyber risk.